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MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED is a professional plastic mold manufacturer ,specializing in manufacturing auto parts mold (for precise accessories,auto sealing system,auto cooling system and interior components.), two shot mold, home appliance mold, overmolding( for electronic tools,communication enclosure,furniture accessories and package industries,etc.)


MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED builds all the molds which can be suitable for fully automatically molding production. All the custom plastic mold made by MUYOUNG are high quality molds and can totally suit customers' requirements,all the custom plastic mold standard components are done according to customers' appointed requirements as well.


Good mold design is the key to mold quality. MUYOUNG’s design engineer term have rich experience for serving EURO-US plastic mold manufacturer who understood well US and European mold standards and practices, they utilize professional skill and experience to improve product quality and cut cost for customers, the most important is we provide technology support freely and mold design layout freely for our new and old customers.


Project management guarantees high quality, MUYOUNG has implemented projection management principles to ensure every project successful under full all consideration of specification and requirement.


MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED ‘s mold maker’s working goal is high efficiency, we strictly implement self-inspecting machining and ensuring that no defective into the next process.


MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED was founded in 2001 and got certification ISO9001:2008 and TS16949.At present, there are around 70 employers work at Muyoung,we produce more than 300 tools used in injection moulding in our own workshop,and also build die-casting mold and SMC mold(DMC mould or BMC mould).


MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED can constantly no only guarantee the stable good quality,but also long-term competitive price,we are looking to cooperation with our customers in various ways ,including close partnerships,international joint marketing cooperation,etc. we hope to become your most valuable partner.


MUYOUNG Plastic Injection Mold Company Celebrating the 2014 Moon Festival in XiChong
MUYOUNG Plastic Injection Mold Company Celebrating the 2014 Moon Festival in XiChong
To celebrate the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, MUYOUNG organize the staff to spend 2 days outdoor activity in Shenzhen XiChong Beach.Detail


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We make molds in all kinds of size, which I would like to know is what kind of mold can you manufacture?
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How can I get after service from Muyoung Mould?
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Accessories have problem, for example, the ejector pins don't have required hardness as DME standard.
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Why part size isn't stable in production?
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The hardness of steel can't up to the required hardness.
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The mold can run good production in China, Why it can't run good production here ?
Analysis: The good plastic parts quality is depended on an good mold and an proper Press with proper molding factors, th...
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