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The hardness of steel can't up to the required hardness.

Source:MUYOUNG MOULDVisit:-Release time:2012-10-19 15:21

Analysis: The steel hardness depend on the steel and the heat treatment technic, it also depend on its geometry, it is usually easy ignored. it  produce inner stress during heat treatment process,  more higher hardness get more bigger inner stress, more thickness the part is more bigger inner stress caused, the produced inner stress can't be easy released, it can get enough to damage(even break)  the weak area as sharp area. After heat treatment, the part usually need be machined by CNC, EDM and so on, and that can probably cause the part break, So experienced heat treatment factory adopt safe treatment technic to get safe hardness on difference steel parts.
Conclusion: Using proper steel and proper heat treatment technic on proper geometry for proper hardness, if we don't sure which steel is proper, we need get professional advice from heat treatment factory.


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