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Muyoung is manufacturing the mould process in house, our equipments are working uninterruptedly 24 hours a day. We are capable of manufacturing precise moulds with various dimensions and the complex moulds, also can accept large orders.


Our strength:

High precision mold(tolerance±0.005mm);
we can building maximal moulds: 1500MMX 2000MM;
.Multi-color /Multi-material ;
High cavitations hot runner mould with interchangeability;
Unscrewing mould; 
Thin wall and closure mould;
Insert mould;
mold with special plastic material;
Die-casting mould;
Painting/printing and coating service.


All molds are constructed according to clients’s requirement;
Conformance SPI/SPE classes (101,102… ) or above;
Conformance European standard are available;
High productivity mold standard according to Muyoung Standard are available;
Production mold standards, prototype tools standard for testing purpose are available;
We build hot runner molds and are familiar with many different systems such as DME, Mold master, Mastip, Hasco,Yudo, Incoe, Husky etc, The manifold recommended for you tool is selected to meet you individual needs.




Mould raw material and plastics material commonly used by us:

Steel material:420/1.2083/H13/1.2344 /1.2767/S136/S7/P20/1. 2311/ 4130/ NAK80/SKD61/8407….;    
Plastic material:ABS, ABS/PC, PPO(Noryl) ,Polyamide(Nylon), TPE(Rubber);  Polypropylene(PP),Polystyrene(PS), Acetal, PPO(Noryl),     Polycarbonate(PC), PVC, Glass Filled Materials (Nylon, etc.) ;
Special plastic material: PSU, PEEK, PPS, PES, Ultem(with Glass Filler), ABS or Nylon(with Carbon Filler) etc.

Other requirements:

Use Copper alloy and/or Beryllium copper to optimize the cooling performance at the critical area;   
Electroless nickel plating on moldbase upon request.



Base on mold complexity and production status, 2-4 weeks for prototype molds and 4-8 weeks for production molds;    
Base on mold modification complexity status,2-7 work days.





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