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[2012-10-19] We make molds in all kinds of size, which I would like to know is what kind of mold can you manufact...
Analysis: Using the facilities we have we can make molds of various sizes up to 15 tons in weight, also for small, precision parts. Our policy is trying our best to fit the customers’ requests.
[2012-10-19] How can I get after service from Muyoung Mould?
Analysis: If there is a problem that has to be serviced under the warranty obligation, Fareast Mold is dispatching its engineers who can make necessary corrections or repairs. If a change has to be done to the mold on customer’s request, the necessary preparations are done in Fareast Mold's factory and depending on ci...
[2012-10-19] Accessories have problem, for example, the ejector pins don't have required hardness as DME standard...
Analysis: The accessories ordered in China usually are much less expensive, and its quality is much poor. Conclusion: To order accessories in China need give them very detailed information of the accessories, and demand they offer the exactly same quality accessories.
[2012-10-19] Why part size isn't stable in production?
Analysis: Only part get stable weight can get stable size, but sometime its size isn't stable even its weight is stable. Actually, the part size depend on its filling process and cooling process, Different mold filling pressure and cooling rate result in different level of in-mold stresses resulting different warpage a...
[2012-10-19] The hardness of steel can't up to the required hardness.
Analysis: The steel hardness depend on the steel and the heat treatment technic, it also depend on its geometry, it is usually easy ignored. it produce inner stress during heat treatment process, more higher hardness get more bigger inner stress, more thickness the part is more bigger inner stress caused, the produce...
[2012-10-19] The mold can run good production in China, Why it can't run good production here ?
Analysis: The good plastic parts quality is depended on an good mold and an proper Press with proper molding factors, the mold which can run good production in China mean the mold have no problem, So it must be the problem of Press. Conclusion: Usually, The Press in China which running the mold is bigger than the re...
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