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Automotive sealing system parts , Muyoung’s engineers and mold makers have experiences to design and build mold for Automotive sealing system based on customer’s requirement and specification, the result is a product would be took into account  best practices and optimized design for mold build,

The example is one of Automotive sealing system that we built, please view the details, and invite you inquires!


rubber molded parts Name:ST-19043
rubber injection molding Product description:Protect sleeve
rubber injection mould Cavities:1
rubber mold making Surface treatment:SPI B1
auto rubber parts Product color:Black
rubber molded parts size:900x660x602mm
rubber injection molding weight:2500Kg
rubber injection mould Press:320Ton
rubber mold making Plastic material:PVC
auto rubber parts Mold life:5,000,000
rubber molded parts Injection system:Hot runner turn into cold runner
rubber injection molding Ejection system:Ejector block
rubber injection mould Spare parts standard: Hasco
rubber mold making Packing:Wooden case
auto rubber parts Features:
rubber molded parts Injection cycle time:60sec.
rubber injection molding Leadtime:35 days
rubber injection mould Main machining equipment:CNC, EDM, Wire EDM, Grinder, Lathe, etc.




At the back of auto light mold
At the back of auto light mold
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