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MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED is a private owned China mould factory which was established in 2001. As a China mold supplier, we have strictly carried out the quality managements according with ISO9000-2008 and ISO/TS16949, manufacturing and offering all kinds of auto parts molds, such as the auto center console mold, the auto rubber molds etc.

The auto center console mould is very important. When you are in the car, the first sight is the center console. The center console is plastic outlay , where you can put the auto control switches or any entertainments function keys, including the HVAC, audio,Navigation and other modules. The modules work independently each other, have different design formats, and use the separate communication channel, providing the driver relevant info. Auto center console mold is a critical injection mold tools in auto interiors.

With the technology of capacitive sensors, it’s possible to build touch sensors acting as buttons, sliders, trackpads, etc.,it enable the possibility of integrating other functions together, providing feedback to the user based on touch. The interface of auto center console will be easier to operate. We can make such console mold accordingly.

console mold

At the same time, auto rubber molds are also quite common .the rubber is material which can tolerate the heat and cool, also an insulator to prevent a charge escaping and damage other auto parts. MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED have years of experience in auto rubber molds and molding. Rubber injection molds are common in auto components. Such as the tires, the hoses. The gaskets, oil seal.o-rings,etc. All these are made from auto rubber  mold.

If you have any need in console mould or any auto rubber mold or production of auto rubber parts, pls feel free to contact your China mold supplier—MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED.


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