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MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED is a leading China plastic mould maker, which is dedicated to manufacturing high quality plastic mould tools,including many plastic materials, such as ABS, PC, PP, TPU, PMMA, etc.


MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED understands that PVC mould is widely used in our daily life and building industry, such as PVC pipe fitting mold. PVC has property of strong acidity corrosive, during PVC molding, not only PVC mold but also PVC injection machines will be damaged, so in order to avoid mould erosion which caused by HCl, it should require special processing. For PVC moulds it is better to choose anticorrosive steel materials (stainless steel) or do some treatment like plating Cr or nitrogen treatment to protect the part of the runner and cavity which contact with the melting material directly. What’s more, PVC is a material with poor fluidity, it’s difficult to fill the PVC mold, We have better use special machine, debugging the injection machine well ,that will be better for the PVC moulding.


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In addition, before PVC injection molding, if there is some PS or ABS material in the barrel, it is better to use preheated PVC material to clear the barrel. If there is some POM in the barrel, as its plasticizing temperature is higher than the range of the PVC plasticizing temperature, it is better to use PE or PS material to clear the barrel first, then use the PVC material to clear PE/PS material. After the barrel is only filled with PVC, we could begin this production. It’s very important for the production of PVC mould.

If you are interested in purchasing PVC mold from MUYOUNG MOULD INUSTRY LIMITED, we can be reached by emailing or calling.


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