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MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED is specializing in designing and manufacturing auto interior and exterior molds and molding for many years, which include the auto bumper mold, dashboard mold, auto lamp mold,  auto sealing parts mold, etc. automotive molds are our core business.

MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED understand that bumper mould are one of the very important auto part molds, which protect  the other auto parts such as headlights, taillights, hood, exhaust and cooling systems. These auto parts are quite expensive to replace, the bumper can eliminate or reduce the costs of repairing them.

MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED can produce the auto bumper mould according to your drawing and requirements. The auto bumper can be made of many types of materials. Many years ago, the bumpers were made of chrome plated steel, which is easily dented and also heavy and expensive. With the plastic development, the thermoplastic olefins are more popular for injection bumper mold, which is easy for form and gives away the plastics to lower the impact, acting as a cushion to dissipate energy to protect the car and people. In a word, the plastic auto bumpers will instead of metal bumpers better, that’s a trend in automotive industry. The thermoplastic olefins are a common type used in automotive industry because of the energy absorbing property, easy manufacturing and low cost. People prefer to use the thermoplastic for auto bumper mold today.

bumper mould

auto bumper mold

AS our core business, we  has the strict management system for the quality and order control for the bumper mould. We have professional engineers for mould analysis and design. MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED has our own R&D department and our facility.Our Satisfied Customers include: Ford, and Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Mazda,etc.

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