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In the recent years, Auto parts mold are becoming very popular with more and more mold manufacturers. MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED is professional plastic mold maker who constantly devotes to developing and manufacturing all kinds of auto parts mold since 2005, not only the auto exterior molds, car dashboard mold, bumper mold, but interior molds as well.

Air vent mold is a very important automobile interior mold. As we all know, the air outlet is inside part which is responsible for leading the auto air condition system, with the function of air direction steering, air volume adjusting, etc. The vent mold is not only the functional part mold, but also outer part mold. Thereinto, the air outlet housing mold is the key component for air vent mold, this mold has the complicated structure, being superior difficulty in design. In order to lower cost, some mold manufacturers would choose the modified PP, but when molding, it’s easy to be deformation, then affect its function. For auto air condition vent mold, the molded parts have strict requirement of enough mechanical property, impact strength, wear resistant, cold resistant, tenacity, good stable chemical property and electric property, so we had better to choose the ABS+PC for air outlet casing.

air vent mold

What’s more, as a plastic mold maker, we understand that the air vent mold has very high requirement for the surface quality, the gate mark and welding line are not allowed, so in order to avoid such defect, we have to choose the proper gate type, ejection system, parting line and even using hot runner.

MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED has the excellent team for serving the auto parts molds, the air vent mold is certainly included. We have been doing our utmost to be the top plastic mold maker by providing high quality mold, reasonable price and fast delivery & good service.



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