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With the increase of commodity demand, commodity mould is always heated in the mould market. Muyoung have rich experience in commodity mould design & manufacturing such as bucket mould, dustbin mould, chair mould, box mould, cap mould and basket mould. According to the newly research report said, most commodity molds are imported from China. Up till now, MUYOUNG have been always a profession commodity mould company for EURO-US clients. MUYOUNG would like to assist you with any new or existing OEM commodity mould project. For example, if you plan to make a basket mould, please offer us the 2D& 3D for quote, after price and order confirmed. Our related technical engineers will have a meeting for the basket mould, study the customer’s requirement and drawing well, and of course provide the preliminary mould design and suggestion.

commodity mould

We will modify the drawing until satisfied with clients. Then we will start to build the basket mould as per the final drawing. We will also offer weekly mold report before mold finished, it allows the clients know the basket mould process better. T1 Samples will be sent to customers for confirmation after mold trial. In a word, any kind of commodity mould, we can guarantee you the best assistant from mould design and production optimization.







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