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Nowadays, more and more people come to China to buy injection mold, compress mold, die casting mold, blow mold, etc. Muyoung mould industry limited is one of the professional plastic mold manufacturers in China, who can supply not only plastic mold, rubber or silicone compress mold, but also the bakelite mold.

Bakelite is an early thermoset plastic ,made from synthetic component, which is used for its electrical non-conductivity and heat-resistant, a good insulator. Bakelite mold is widely used in the field of telephone casings, radios, and other industrial-electrical related devices, such as switched and sockets for light bulbs, vacuum tubes, related automotive components ,etc.

Bakelite mold is a special plastic mold, but there are some differences between the bakelite mould and plastic mold.  The bakelite mold must be made of hard mold, the inejction gate must be large, usually, we make inserts for the gate, because the injection point is the easiest to wear. For a Bakelite mould, it need to use the mold steel which reach HRC 60 after heat cheatment, if the quantity is not so large, we can use NAK80, HRC40 for the bakelite mod. By the way, the bakelite injection temperature is very high, it need to heat, so we should add the heating pipe to the Bakelite moulds, but for palstic injection molds, we usually need to cooling not heating. At the same time, for the bakelite molding , it need a thermal insulation plate, we can use the asbestos or bakelite plate. In addition, the bakelite mold need to use the special bakelite injection machine for molding.

Muyoung mould industry limited have much professional experience of Bakelite mold manufacturing, if you are going to outsourcing the bakelite mold from China plastic mold manufacturers, pls feel free to contact us.

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