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MUYOUNG MOULD INDUSTRY LIMITED is experienced in building many kinds of plastic mould tool. As we all know, during the process of plastic mold making, there are two runner systems in mold.  One is the cold runner system, the other is hot runner . Cold runner mould is still common used in plastic injection mold tooling industry despite its disadvantages of waste plastic generated and longer processing injection time.

With the plastic mold making industry development, hot runner molds are getting popular since 90s. Muyoung mould industry limited are also familiar with hot runner mould, not only the cold runner mould. Hot runner mold has been successfully used in processing different kinds of plastic materials , such as  PP,PE,PS,ABS,PBT,PA,PSU,PC,POM,LCP,PVC,PET,PMMA,PEI,ABS/PC and etc. Any can use the cold runner of plastic mold processing materials can also use hot runner mould processing. The hot runner systems supplied by local suppliers or imported, or supplied from customs.

If the plastic mould tools, which is used for large volume production , ultra-thin wall molds or multiple parts production using multi-cavity molds and stack-molding technology. The hot runner mold will be a good choice. Certainly , hot runner molds are more complex and expensive to build than cold runner molds, but the plastic injection mold tooling with hot runner system can reducing the plastic waste and cycle time. Hot runner mould application is widely used in electronic, automotive, medical, daily necessities, cosmetic packaging . When you are ready to use a hot runner mold, some brands of hot runner systems that Muyoung mould industry limited are familiar with include: DME, YUDO, HUSKY, SYNENTIVE, and MOLD MASTERS.

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