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With the social development, people pay more attention to the part appearance and visual image. The traditional plastic parts are beautified by painting, electroplate, that will be easily oxidized. But with the two shot molds, we can easily change the colorant to meet the different demands.

Nowadays, the double injection mould is commonly used in our daily life. When there is a molded part with two colors or two materials, it must adopt the two shot molds. For example, the handle mold, which is mostly commonly used in the toothbrush handles. Except all kinds of handle mold would use the two shot molding technology, such as the cellphone cover, auto button, the decoration part, it also adopt the bi-colour mold. It can guarantee the quality and efficiency; has better looking and more appealing to the consumers.

For the two shot molds, the cavity is totally different, molding a different part respectively, but the core is the same. The double injection mould, we can use two different colors or two different materials, but the bi-colour mold with two colors is common. If choose two different material, the two materials need to chemically bond, they must be carefully selected, shrink rates, processing temperature and viscosity of both materials need to be perfect for one another, as well as for the final part.

bi-colour mold

The two shot injection molding process is relatively simple, firstly injecting one hard material into the mold to form the initial part or section of a part. once formed, a second soft material is injected into the mold to form the remaining of the part. All is done in one machine cycle with one same double injection mould, requiring a special injection machine with two independent injection units.

two shot molds


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