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[2014-09-01] MUYOUNG Plastic Injection Mold Company Celebrating the 2014 Moon Festival in XiChong
To celebrate the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, MUYOUNG organize the staff to spend 2 days outdoor activity in Shenzhen XiChong Beach.
[2012-10-12] Visiting clients, techniques discussion
In order to constantly upgrade the coordination with clients, MUYOUNG Company sent their main design & manufacturing mold engineer oversea on Sep 25th, 2012 and Oct 10th, 2012, respectively visited and communicated for technical exchange and discussion with the clients in North America, Europe, etc.
[2012-05-06] Increasing large-scale facility
In order to coordinate with the large mold manufacturing, MUYOUNG Company purchased the large-scale CNC machining center on Oct 4th, 2012, its X axis is 1800MM, Y axis is 900MM, and Z axis is 900MM.
[2012-04-25] scientifically management, cost reduction
With the consideration of continued global economic recession, Since May 2012, our company had made a decision that all clients’ quotes can received a reduction on the original price by 10%. To guarantee the original high quality, our company will strictly comply with scientifically management, reasonable cost control...
[2012-04-15] English Training
As a global services & creative mold company, in the continued development and expansion of more than ten years, MUYOUNG pay attention to employees upgrading of all aspects of skills, in order to achieve progress of enterprise and staff together. Comprehen...
[2012-01-02] Technical Training
In order to better improve all staff mold design & manufacturing technology, our company organize the main employees to take part in the LKM regular mold training, which allows our staff to closely follow the world’s advanced technology.
[2011-11-05] EURO MOLD exhibition
From Nov 29th, 2011 to Dec 2nd , 2011, our company attended the German Frankfurt EURO MOLD exhibition, that make us further develop the EURO market better. After this mold exhibition, all exhibition attendees summarize their own experience and thoughts.
[2013-04-10] 2013 Labor Day Holiday Notice
Please be informed that our company will be officially closed from Apr 29,30 to May 1st for international Labor Day and will resume work on May 2nd.
[2012-10-20] Importing equipment, improving quality
MUYOUNG had already purchased the Swiss Charmilles Wire-EDM machine on Oct 18th, 2012, which will make the mold quality improved continuously.
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