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Muyong mould industry limited constantly strives to be an injection mold manufacturer for furniture. In the last century, many furniture were made from wood, but considering that the wood cost become higher. Many furniture factories choose injection mold maker, which allow more and more furniture manufacturers pay more attention to china plastic mould. According to the analysis report indicated: more and more mold suppliers commit itself to develop in the direction of furniture field. Muyoung has already entered into the furniture field in the early 2002. Up to now, Muyoung has been already equipped with the advantageness in people and quality. At present, MUYOUNG has been the chief injection mold company for furniture manufacturers in Euro-US region. 

china plastic mould Name:3086b
injection mold manufacturer introduce the detailed Product description for this mold:Chair large - 08-2730-00
injection mold maker manufacture the mold Cavities:1
injection mold company adopt Surface treatment:SPI B1
mold suppliers apply the Product color for production :White
china plastic mould size:1120x940x733mm
injection mold manufacturer build this Mold weight:3500Kg
injection mold maker choose the suitable Press:380Ton
injection mold company  use Plastic material:PP
mold suppliers guarantee the Mold life:5,000,000
china plastic mould Injection system:Hot sprue
injection mold manufacturer design a suitable Ejection system:Ejector pins
injection mold maker follow Spare parts standard: Hasco
injection mold company provide  Packing:Wooden case
mold suppliers classify the mold service(usage) scope according to the Features:Furniture accessories
china plastic mould Injection cycle time:96sec.
injection mold maker ensure the Leadtime:25 days
injection mold company is equipped with Main machining equipment(facilities) include:CNC, EDM, Wire EDM, Grinder, Lathe, etc.


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