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With the development of plastic industry, more and more plastic parts adopt two kinds of material for production. At present, there are two design methods for such kind of mold. The first one is two shot mould, also called as double injection mold. that’s to say, in the same mold, there are two nozzles, one is for injection the relative hard material, the other is for injection the soft material. This injection technology is also named two shot molding. The second one is over mold.

This kind of mould needs artificial assistance for operating. Firstly injeciton the relatively hard material, then take out the injeciton molded part by manual, and put it into the other cavity to injection the soft material. Some mold manufacturer make it into two separated molds, however ,such kind of over mould has its disadvantage that it must need manual operation. Certainly the mold cost will be lower than two shot mould. MUYOUNG suggest that if you need mass production for molding, you had better choose the double injection mold.


two shot molding Name:REF 96 823 062 80
over mold intr Product description:Protecteur Boitier Electronique STT3 A58
over mould Cavities:2
two shot mould Surface treatment:SPI B1
double injection mold Product color:Black
two shot molding size:1250x750x1080mm
over mold weight:4980Kg
over mould Press:380Ton
two shot mould  Plastic material:PP TD20
double injection mold life:5,000,000
two shot molding Injection system:Hot runner turn into cold runner
over mold Ejection system:Ejector pins
over mould Spare parts standard: Hasco
two shot mould Packing :Wooden case
double injection mold Features:stainless steel
two shot molding Injection cycle time:52sec.
over mold Leadtime:38 days
over mould Main machining equipment:CNC, EDM, Wire EDM, Grinder, Lathe, etc.







two shot mould
two shot mould
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