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Thin-wall mold manufacturing need very high precision equipment. The reason is that we must guarantee the concentricity for the cavity and core. If the mold is also multi-cavity mould, the requirement will be higher. MUY0UNG had ever manufacture 8 cavity box mould, in order to better guarantee the quality of box mold and basket mold, MUYOUNG introduced the imported CNC and EDM facilities. At present, the thin-wall mold made by MUYOUNG is mainly used for packaging industry, such as cover mold. And considering that the wall is rather thin, most thin-wall mold will adopt hot runner system, which will be better for molding.

box mold Name:ST09-019
box mould Product description:Indelis500ml_3var
basket mold Cavities:1
cover mold Surface treatment:SPI B1
thin-wall mold Product color:Black
box mold size:346x346x302 mm
box mould weight:200Kg
basket mold Press:80Ton
cover mold Plastic material:PP
thin-wall mold life:5,000,000
box mold Injection system:Hot sprue
box mould Ejection system:Stripper plate + ejector bar(twice ejector)
basket mold Spare parts standard: Hasco
cover mold Packing:Wooden case
thin-wall mold Features:household products
box mold Injection cycle time:30sec.
box mould Leadtime:35 days
thin-wall mold Main machining equipment:CNC, EDM, Wire EDM, Grinder, Lathe, etc.




cover mold
cover mold
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