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Focusing on plastic injection mold manufacturing and injection molding service

Muyoung mould is a one-stop total plastic mold maker, plastic injection molding service, second process and assembly.


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Established in years of 2001, Muyoung starts business in exporting plastic mold and plastic injection molding product to worldwide customer. Our professional engineers and sales team have helped overseas customers to successfully manage thousands of projects.

In the Years of 2009, Muyoung built own factory in Shenzhen China, and got ISO 9001:2015,IATF16949:2016 certification, and continuous investment in new equipment and management through innovation, Muyoung’ production capability can be 400 sets of molds and more than 10 million products per year.

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Muyoung provides the best product engineering, RE-Engineering, mold design service, high quality Rapid Prototype, CNC Machining part, Rapid Tooling, Mass Production Mold making, plastic injection molding, plastic product Painting Coating, Assembly and Packaging, etc…

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Muyoung continues to invest advantaged 3 and 5 axis CNC Machine, EDM machines, Wire cut machines, injection molding machines and CMM to ensure the quality of the molds we make and the sourcing of the correct materials.

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H13 steel is the most widely used and most representative hot work die steel grade, its main characteristics are

(1) High hardenability and high toughness.

(2) Excellent resistance to thermal cracking and can be water cooled in the workplace.

(3) Medium wear resistance, carburizing or nitriding can also be used to improve its surface hardness, but to slightly reduce the resistance to thermal cracking.

(4) Poor secondary hardening ability in tempering due to its low carbon content.

(5) Softening resistance at higher temperatures, but a rapid drop in hardness at operating temperatures above 540°C (1000°F) (i.e. a working temperature of 540°C can be tolerated).

(6) Small deformation from heat treatment.

(7) Moderate and high machinability.

(8) Medium resistance to decarburization.