PVC mold

What do I need to pay attention to for PCV mold injection?

  • Pay attention to cleaning the plastic in the barrel and screw before injection molding PVC mold to avoid raw material quality change with other materials, and cleaning the barrel and screw after injection molding PVC mold to prevent PVC materials from corroding the
  • Melt temperature 185-205 ℃
  • Injection speed should be slow, otherwise excessive shear will degrade the quality of the material
  • Screw speed, should match the molding cycle depends. Screw surface speed should not exceed 0.15-0.2m / s
  • Back pressure, 5bar -150bar, the lower the better.
  • Holding time, at a temperature of 200°C, the barrel dwell time should not exceed 5 minutes at most. When the temperature is 210℃, the barrel retention time should not exceed 3 minutes.

The following points should be noted in product design and mold design

  1. The product should not have sharp corners or abrupt changes as far as possible, and the thickness should strive to vary little to prevent the degradation of PVC.
  2. The mold should have a mold slope of more than 10 degrees and allow for about 0.5% shrinkage.
  3. Design round flow channel in order to reduce the pressure and easy to take off the mold, the diameter is between 6-10mm.
  1. The injection port of the mold should be slightly larger than the injection nozzle hole and larger than the diameter of the main flow channel intersection, so that the PVC material flows into the mold cavity without stagnation and the pressure can be balanced
  2. Cooling device to control the mold temperature between 30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃.
  3. The mold material is made of stainless steel such as H13 HRC 54-56, chrome plated to prevent corrosion and polished surface.

PVC material product advantages

– Good value for money

– Light weight

– High hardness

– Moisture resistant, fire resistant

– Excellent dimensional stability

– Strong impact toughness

– Acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant

– Stable dielectric properties

– High durability

– Recyclable

Applications of Injection Molded PVC

Some common products made from PVC using the injection molding process include

– Automotive parts

– Electrical appliances

– Bottle caps

– Machinery

– Toys

– Construction parts

– Furniture parts

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